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Richard Geer & Dan Poniger welcome you to the Catering Company London

Our food is freshly prepared on the day of delivery and beautifully presented to the highest standard, ready for you or our professional wait staff to serve. At the Catering Company we strive to provide a quality service. We realize that each event is a unique and individual expression of our client. We can tailor our service to create the best menu, we can also provide décor and linen to suit your event and fit your budget.

We are an enthusiastic team with big personalities, individuals who genuinely enjoy what we do and are pleased to offer London & the surrounding area a true catering choice.

WOW! What a successful event the ONERUN kick off turned out to be, largely due to the great atmosphere the Catering Company provided for all those who attended. Attention to detail, warm and friendly staff and your personal involvement in making everything “just so” resulted in accolades from friends, family, sponsors and media.

Lore Wainwright

The Catering Company is currently looking after our cafeteria needs at Electro-Motive Canada. They are very professional in everything including cleanliness, fresh food preparations and overall customer service. The Catering Company has exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Daniel Yohannes
Electromotive Canada

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